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Kreatives Konstruktionsbüro
Kreatives Konstruktionsbüro

Your creative design office

Starting with the first idea up to the finally realized product or project, many processes are required, where each step should mesh with the next.

Zeichenheld is your creative and reliable design office for carrying out these decisive planning steps when it comes to realizing constructional and design tasks for you.

As a modern design service provider, Zeichenheld takes care of the construction, design as well as the drawing creation for your metal or steel construction.

Zeichenheld is also your competent problem solver for your components and assemblies in the field of mechanical engineering and plant construction .

In the

Product development

Zeichenheld supports you in every project phase – no matter if it is a new project, an existing project or an extension or re-design.

As a flexible CAD design office, Zeichenheld relies on the CAD software Autodesk Inventor Professional and is thus able to realize your design requirements and tasks in an imaginative and production-oriented manner. In addition to the design of individual parts, the construction of complex assemblies is also part of the broad range of services.

For the detection and avoidance of systematic design weaknesses, component analyses using FEM methodology are possible as a supplement. Due to continuously updated software and hardware as well as their interfaces, a cross-system data exchange and thus also a processing of non-system data is possible and guaranteed.

Design service with complete independence to product and process ensures new perspectives through Zeichenheld and thus fresh products as well as enthusiastic customers.

Design in mechanical and plant engineering

In mechanical engineering as well as plant construction, Zeichenheld offers you a service that is optimally tailored to your needs.

Machines and plants are often very complex overall systems that require a high level of technical know-how. Design, layout as well as the corresponding 3D construction require expertise, experience but also corresponding capacities for planning and realization. Not every company has sufficient resources for this in the technical departments.

Order books are often full, schedules tight, qualified personnel not always available. All of this can lead to costly delays, disgruntled customers, or competitive disadvantage. For this reason Zeichenheld offers individual and

Customized services

services to support you in the best possible way.

Another keyword here is value engineering and thus the focus on the design and manufacturing optimization of existing products and components.

Konstruktionen für Maschinen und Anlagen

External cost pressure but also simply possible savings potentials ensure that you have to remain competitive and can do so with the right design. Alternative manufacturing processes or materials always make it worthwhile to think outside the box.

No matter if you need support for a complete development project or for planned or necessary adaptations of your existing products or plants – together we will work out the perfect solution for your task.

Do you urgently need constructive or planning support, but do not yet know exactly in which project phase you can best use the support? No problem – we will work out the best possible solution together.

Konstruktionsdienstleistungen von Zeichenheld

Construction services

In addition to the final drawing creation , the design and the associated process is part of the very first step to make a drawing derivation possible at the end. What used to be painstakingly drawn by hand on a drawing board is now almost exclusively planned using modern IT technology.

The term CAD appears frequently here. CAD means “Computer Aided Design ” – here, all activities and work steps are implemented digitally and computer-aided, including geometric modeling, calculation, as well as simulation. From concept development to handover to production.

The core business of Zeichenheld includes design services in metal construction, steel construction, as well as in the metalworking industry in general. In addition, the mechanical engineering and plant construction sector is also of great importance.

Customer benefit in the first place

Starting with the construction and design of individual parts, through interrelated components & assemblies to more complex partial or complete systems in the mechanical field. Zeichenheld’s customers come from a wide variety of industries, such as metal construction, steel construction, mechanical engineering, plant engineering, fixture construction, sheet metal processing, store fitting, special machine construction or vehicle construction.

Zeichenheld allows you to fully concentrate on your core business . This makes your processes leaner and you faster and more efficient. As a rule, this will save you 20-30% of your valuable time. Time you can use for your business.

While you are practically implementing your current project, Zeichenheld is already planning your next one – precisely and production-ready. In the metal sector, this can be, for example, a staircase construction, a sheet metal housing or casing construction, an industrial construction or exclusive store fitting .

Changing perceptions - increasing customer enthusiasm

If you forgo these important planning steps, expensive mistakes can be the result. A forward-looking concept avoids the need for changes and thus saves time, money and hassle. In addition, an external view promotes a new perspective on your products. Fresh ideas “out of the box” unfold creative possibilities and thus also customer enthusiasm.

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    FAQ - Frequently asked questions

    • Just contact me at +49(0)176 23 86 84 34 or by mail
      and tell me all relevant info about the project.
    • The more precise this information is, the more concrete the offer can be made.
    • Quotes are provided either as a fixed price or based on the hours of work involved .
    • In most cases, the required effort can be estimated in advance.
    • Within the offers, project discussion and all work steps are always included – there are no hidden costs.
    • The more accurate the information you provide, the better.
    • Basically, sketches, existing drawings, dimensioned documents and photos are helpful.
    • For some projects, an on-site visit is also useful.
    • After you have decided to cooperate with us, we will arrange an appointment for the project meeting. Often this is no longer necessary after the bidding phase, since all requirements are already known.
    • For some designs, Zeichenheld provides you with a standardized questionnaire or short guideline in advance – this is filled out by you and ensures efficient communication.
    • Before the final designs or drawings are created, you will always be sent the corresponding release drawings. Requests for adjustments or changes can then still be taken into account in good time.
    • Once everything has been implemented according to your ideas, the complete set of drawings and data is delivered digitally.
    • On request, the plans can be plotted and sent to you in the desired size for a flat material fee up to A0 format, which can be very helpful in the workshop or on the construction site – advantage: you do not have to worry about anything.
    • The joint coordination can take place either by telephone, by mail or also gladly online via online meeting .
    • For more complex projects, regular meetings to discuss interim progress can be set as needed.
    • Likewise, a personal meeting at your premises or at the Zeichenheld design office is possible at any time.
    • Of course – but usually the digital exchange of information with the help of photos, sketches and measurements provided by the customer is sufficient and no on-site visits or measurements are required.
    • Depending on the complexity, it may still make sense to get a joint overview on site.
    • Yes – generally, the longer the lead time, the better the project can be scheduled.
    • Short-term orders are nevertheless possible in principle.
    • Depending on the scope and complexity of your project, short-term implementation is also possible.
    • Of course – adjustments to construction and drawing are always included within the offers.
    • In most cases, experience shows that only minor adjustments are necessary for fine-tuning.
    • Drawing data: PDF
    • CAD data: IGES, STEP, DXF, DWG
    • Native CAD data: IPT, IAM, IPN, IDW, DWG
    • There are significantly more data formats – incl. non-system data – for exchange possible, just contact me
    • Just contact me at +49(0)176 23 86 84 34 or by mail
      and we will clarify all open questions and points.